Articles about counselling

I occasionally post articles about issues within Counselling and Psychotherapy that I feel are of importance to my work or helpful to others. Some I have published  elsewhere, others I have written for my own enjoyment. Please feel free to read through these at your own leisure:


Psychological gym

Psychological gym – The Workout for the Mind

People generally don’t think twice about accessing a gym or discussing different gym routines or exercises with friends. So why do we not take the same approach with regards to accessing therapy or talking about mental health?


Lion to pussy cat

Anger management: “How do you transform a raging lion into a purring cat?”

Anger is a natural, healthy emotion that can drive us forward and help us to overcome adversity. However, unfortunately for some people, it either becomes akin to a raging Lion waiting to pounce or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 


Omnipotence: The hidden danger

The purpose of this article is to try and bring the concept of omnipotence to a wider audience. I hope by increasing peoples’ awareness it might help them recognise the hidden dangers that it can present both within themselves and in their relationships.