My approach

Jungian Analytical Psychotherapy

Jungian therapy is based on the psychological model and teachings of Carl Jung (1875-1961), the Swiss psychiatrist who was a contemporary of Freud. Jung developed a different model of the psyche than Freud. A basic idea of Jung’s theory is that we are all on a journey of wholeness during our lifetime. He calls this quest for wholeness the individuation process, in which one must come to terms with childhood issues and trauma in order to balance the many opposite sides of the personality.

The aim is for you to become both psychologcally stronger and more aware of what is creative and destructive in you and your life. This represents an inner journey of self-discovery and personal meaning, sometimes arduous but profoundly rewarding, and unique in each person. For more information concerning Jungian Psychotherapy please visit the training in analytical psychotherapy – Birmingham.